Circle Line, 2019


Performance on the London Underground (Circle Line) as part of Screen Time, a Word in Transit event in curated by Yoke Collective


(1:36 min)


A performative walk in which post-it notes were placed around moving tube carriages, with the encounter responding to the strange passing of time in the liminal space of public transport. Repeats of unfamiliar symbol are situated into a moment of focus and reflection, left to be seen by commuters and forgotten once again. The light bulb print represents how sparse and fleeting time has become, reminding us that we have to try be more observant to the present, the analogue everyday which has become second best to the virtual ‘what if?’ or ‘what could be?’. The passive nature of public transport, succumbing to being a tired and drained commuter; the performance acts as a relief from the intensity of the everyday.  Aiming to remove spectators from the screens of our phone and tablets, instead bringing