Worm, 2019


Pink pen on paper


Slosh: Anthropocene, Headrow House

Leeds, UK

Screen Shot 2019-10-11 at 18.41.22.png

Blue Print, 2019


240 cm x 46 cm


Drawing on paper, pro marker pen

'Youth Collective Curates', Camden Arts Centre, London


Deconstructing the architecture of a formal gallery space, the site-specific drawing hangs into a singular, monumental stance hovering between the wall and floor in which the original column physically supports. Removing this reliant component of a building into a compressed image, viewers are encouraged to consider the place they are physically in contact with and to be fully present. The paper statue responds to the movement and breath of those within the gallery, opposing to the structured purpose the referenced object offers. Decoding the hidden frameworks of the gallery’s skeleton, it unfolds and unpacks the gallery itself, with its visible skin peeled away.


018_HD_190417_4235_© Hydar Dewachi.jpg

'Youth Collective Curates' 2019, Installation view