30 mins




Video (3:19 min)

Comprising of the placement of a post-it note per minute, I integrated the water utility valve symbol into my daily route in which I take from my flat to Kings Cross. Documented as an Instagram story and streamed via an online residency with the Liverpool based gallery Orbit, the walk could be experienced and accessed by a large, unknown audience through the social media platform. Considering the manhole cover as an image takes it a step away from life, with the symbol removed from its real existence in the world and instead is displayed into a moment in which awareness can be brought to another surface. The walk captured brings a pause to the passively experienced journey, a meditative state which can be shared by people who come into contact with the post-it both from the app and in person. The video presents the stark reality of how quickly time passes us by, and how passivity to the real can blind us to the unreal, the imagination and the curious.