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Invasion, 2019


Dimensions variable


Screenprints on post-it notes

Each post-it note contains the silkscreen printed image of a light bulb motif which can be found on small manhole covers around the streets of Islington and many other public paths around UK city and towns. One of the few access points between pavement and the earth below, the stamp is stuck to the internal networks and piping within the studio space, boundaries that cannot be seen or permeated. Turning the floor-based symbol upside down and apart from its natural placement in the world, we recognise access points and markers both above and below. Accumulating around the pipes, orange coloured prints can be noticed close to every artwork present in the studio space. Authorising territory through an ambiguous symbol, the sticky papers invade and impose on the other objects in the room, integrating every artwork into a communal, bigger work without prior consent.