2015 - 2019

BA Fine Arts Hons

Central Saint Martins


2017 - 2018

Diploma in Professional Studies


2017 January - May

Study Abroad at Pratt Institute, NY

President List Honours


2014 - 2015

Foundation Diploma in Art and Design

Leeds College of Art

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The outside, the public domain in which art can significantly interrupt and bring wonder to, is a transitional space which I am pulled towards. My shifting personal geographies motivate me to bring an accessible place, such as the street, into a reconstructed reality. 


The sculptural installations I construct tessellate between the unregistered, the forgotten spaces and their subtle components that remain charged with information, access points to a site’s narrative. I attempt to encourage the cracks to show and reveal the ‘untold’ bubbling beneath the surface, as the Anthropocene shapes and bares upon the earth. Approaching a location through an anthropological eye, an excavation of site-based objects, findings and specific locations are positioned into an assembled dialogue. Frameworks of institutionalised spaces are deconstructed and artifactually examined, with the previously ordered and functional eradicated into a peculiar poetry of the provisional. Drawings of formalised columns, casts of roof infrastructures and outlines of drying racks tesselate between the functionality of architectures and push accepted constructs towards a cusp of collapse.  


Objects are buried in concrete, cradled and hung from teetering supports, nestled into the edges and bulges of protruding surfaces. The ecological body is sensitively and sustainably considered, with pavements dissected into jigsaw pieces and casts of urban detritus pushing up from below. I am interested in processes of deterioration and material behaviour, the vulnerable and the delicate, ‘cut-offs’ becoming prevalent in the sculptures I create. 


The attachment of one form to another is a recurring notion in my installations; the latched encounter, the parasitical, leeching from one plain to its neighbouring edge; interlinking two previously separated autonomies into a hybridised collection. A frisson between the real and unreal.


The sculptural forms and objects I collage together map the lived and the nuanced, with performance providing a receptive outlet for unpredictability and spectator interaction. Workshop based experiments have enabled me to collate collaborative artworks and invoke an integral, collective response to ideas of urbanisation, migration and deteriorating ecologies.