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On Sunday 20th January, I ran a workshop titled ‘Honey I’m Home’ as part of the Tate Exchange at Tate Modern. The event was a great success and involved a large number of participants, including fellow CSM students from across the different creative courses, children and families and other individuals visiting the museum. The workshop activity was highly engaging and created an interactive and enjoyable atmosphere for participants to be part of. The generation many of cardboard sculptures were integrated into the green screen set up creating a transitional map. Individuals were able to experiment with materials and make their own miniature home, whether it be a current home, a childhood home, one from memory or an idealised future. Ideas of home and personal geographies were questioned and put into focus, with many interesting discussions occurring due to the different locations explored on google maps. I felt on a personal level the workshop was very productive and valuable to my own practice, I was able to share my own creative motives and invite others to rethink and reconsider the worlds around them.



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