Dear Aunty Nun | Lucie MacGregor & Márie Ní Ógán



'Dear Aunty Nun' was a duo exhibition featuring a collection of paintings made by my Great Aunt Marie, affectionately known to the family as Aunty Nun. Exploring notions of Irish community and family heritage, the together both past and present personal geographies, uniting the local community and the narratives it stems from. Within the exhibition the film ‘Letter to Tra Bhain’ presents the stories and scenes from my Grandma and Great Aunt’s native village Tra Bhain, Connemara and individuals that live there to this day.


Displaying an archive of photographs, images, drawings and written letters gathered from relatives, perceptions of ‘Home’ and nationality are unraveled and questioned, whilst humbly presenting Aunty Nun’s hobby into a gallery space for appreciation and reflection.

Márie Ní Ógán (b. 1937, Connemara, Ireland) also known as Sister Anthony Philomena, has been a nun for over sixty years in County Offaly, Ireland. 


Letter to Tra Bhain, 2018

Video (9:52 min)